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Diversity and Inclusion Matters

We’re Constantly Upping Equity

At DreamHost, we know that diversity makes us strong. We’re constantly striving to increase our efforts to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. We give Everyone a Voice and Empower People, which are two of the values powering DreamHost.

Our People Matter

We’ve been in the business long enough to know how much our people matter. At DreamHost, get ready to work with a host of different kinds of people who are passionate about what they do.


“This is the first place where I can say I helped create the position I’m in. It’s also a place where learning new things, even outside your usual “comfort zone” is strongly encouraged. Teamwork truly makes the dream work around here.”


Support Quality Assurance Analyst, 2007


“Working for DreamHost has been such an amazing experience. I love the benefits that they provide, from the health benefits to the generous vacation time which allows me a good work / life balance to not miss opportunities with my family.”


JR. Database Administrator, 2015


“DreamHost’s knowledgeable employees and management want you to succeed and grow, which has been a great help for me to advance to my current engineering position for our managed WordPress product called DreamPress. The benefits package is one of the best I’ve seen and flexibility for family is greatly appreciated.”


Development Operations Engineer, 2006


“The heart of the juxtaposition of coming from a 'traditional' business setting to DreamHost isn't found in the on-paper benefits but in the respect, acknowledgment, and encouragement given to employees. Working here makes me excited to return from a vacation, and to know my voice is heard.”


WordPress Engineer, 2012

Who We are Matters

Our culture makes us strong. It's who we are! We have a passion for tech and an environment championing people to be themselves. From a casual dress environment to focuses on growth opportunities, we want people to be the best versions of themselves here at DreamHost.

YOU Matter!
So, What do YOU Want to do?

Don’t See Your Role?

Even though we may not have a job listed for you, that doesn't mean we don't want to work with you! Email us here and tell us the role you envision for yourself.